Changes to the Executive Board: Gustavo Orilla to succeed Thorsten Gurke as CEO

Board of Directors Casa Fagheaux

ZURICH; October 01, 2019 – Great news for Casa Fagheaux! The Board of Directors together with the Executive Board is delighted to announce the new CEO of Casa Fagheaux: Gustavo Orilla. Gustavo has been the first choice for this key role since the establishment of CF and finally agreed to take over the lead of all operations with immediate effect. Hence, the transition period under the lead of the CEO ad interim Thorsten Gurke finds an end.

Casa F. always intended to keep T. Gurke on board as Consultant to the CEO and permanent guest to the ExB, but refrained from this intention after recent occurrences. The BoD was made aware on September 29, 2019 that Thorsten intended to visit the Octoberfest with a different Casa. This is a clear breach of our code of conduct. Moreover, as a CEO, Thorsten should have been a role model for the high ethics standards we set for our employees. Hence, the BoD discussed this matter with Thorsten directly, whereupon he decided to step down with immediate effect to prevent any reputational damage to CF.

Following the resignation of the CEO, Thorsten Gurke, and his consequential stepping down from the Executive Board, the BoD officially appoints Gustavo Orilla as Chief Executive Officer and member of the Executive Board of CF with immediate effect.

Orilla was born in Uganda and grew up in Chile, where he completed his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and later his Postgraduate degree in Finance, at the University of Chile in Santiago. In 2014, he completed his MBA at the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso. He is fluent in English, Spanish, German and Xhosa.

Señor Orilla was previously Chief Executive Officer of Casa Gold (CG), a large Casa operating with a focus on the EMEA business, constituting the company’s largest geographic market. Formerly, Gustavo held positions of general counsel, secretary and chief compliance officer. As a member of CG’s senior leadership team for nearly a decade, he has played an integral role in the company’s business and investment strategy. Prior to joining CG, Orilla was a partner for 10 years in the law firm of Faint, Apple and Greene LLP.

“Gustavo is the right person to lead Casa Fagheaux into the future, given his strong command of the Casa business and proven ability to drive results in the EMEA market,” said COO, Thomson Reuters. “We are on a positive growth trajectory at Casa Fagheaux and are very well-positioned to continue building on our strong momentum. I am so pleased and proud that Gustavo will lead our company, and I am excited to work with him — along with our entire senior leadership team — to ensure a seamless transition and on Casa Fagheaux’s next phase of growth and market leadership.”

Chairman of the Board, Marin Skrtl said, “Gustavo has the leadership track record and breadth of business experience we believe are critical to lead Casa Fagheaux, including the ability to forge major client relationships, a strong focus on leading with innovation, commitment to our people and core values, and a focus on delivering value to shareholders. Speaking on behalf of the board, we look forward to working closely with Gustavo as chief executive officer.

With the acquisition of G. Orilla, the BoD of CF managed to sign his companion and trusted partner for many years, João “JT” Tutti, who will join CF as Chief of Staff and lead the CEO office. JT was previously working as Chief of Staff at CG and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mechanical Engineering.

João Tutti, who is still little known to the general public, is considered an excellent strategist and administrator by experts. He has had a steep career alongside Gustavo Orilla and is regarded as a future candidate for a C-level position. J. Tutti has his roots in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but grew up in Portuguese-speaking Macau.

“At the same time, we are delighted that we can also benefit from JT’s experience in his previous role of Chief of Staff under G. Orilla. We look forward to the synergies forming by the two friends working together, which will drive compliant growth for decades to come. With Gustavo as chief executive officer and João as Chief of Staff, Casa Fagheaux has a powerful advantage in the marketplace,” said CFO, Jono Matador.

Furthermore, the BoD is delighted to announce further strategic hiring in the COO area. The brothers Carl and Gustav Længe, who already joined the Casa few months ago, shall be officially appointed as Co-Chief-Laenge-Officers. They have already proven their tremendous value for the branch office of Casa F. and certainly deserve this role.

Furthermore, Andres Menderes has accepted the offer to join CF as Global Head Corporate Services. The position was offered to Menderes pertaining to the events unfolding on 14, September 2019. A.M. will report directly into the Casa’s COO Thomson Reuters and will further strengthen the operational division of CF.

Casa F. is delighted to welcome Gustavo, João, Carl, Gustav and Andres to the family and is full of excitement to continue this success story with such impeccable and highly talented professionals. At the same time Casa F. want to express their sincere gratitude for Thorsten and wishes him all the best for his future.

For immediate release.

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